What I Got For Christmas + Family Festivities

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I’m honestly slightly in shock that Christmas is over. Like… what?! I feel like I always build up such anticipation and forget that it’s just a single day – it has the same 24 hours as every other day of the year. And fun times with family seem to make it go by quicker, ya know?

This was an exciting Christmas for us. Having a kid sort of brings back the Christmas magic that you lose as you get older. Ya know what I mean? And while Clementine was fun last year, she didn’t really know what was going on. She didn’t understand the concept of a gift, to say the least. But, for this Christmas, she was just shy of two years old and she really loved ripping wrapping paper off of gifts! It was so fun to see her light up and immediately want to play with her new gift.

She got lots of great things! She got a little fake makeup set that she absolutely adores, a potty, some really fun and interactive books from Usborne Books, clothes, a Moana doll, and so many other gifts. Her big gift this year was a wooden table and chairs set. Mama is so excited for there to be some new things around the house to entertain her!

As for me, I got some pretty great stuff too. The gift I’m most excited about is the Morphe Date to Create eyeshadow palette. I love the color selection and the fact that the transition shades are larger!

Image from morphebrushes.com

I also got a 24 oz. Polar Bottle. I’m really excited for this too because my current water bottle (it’s more like a freaking jug) is too big to fit on any of the equipment at the gym! And I love the sport cap too – easy to drink from while being active.


Other than that, I mainly received cash. I asked for cash specifically because I plan on investing most of it right back into this blog to further help it grow. That’s right, people – I’ve got big plans for 2018!

I did receive some odds and ends, like a wonderful candle, some pepitas for snacking, a homemade keto hot chocolate mix, and some amazing Reebok active socks. Side note: ummm, if you haven’t before, go out and buy yourself some workout socks! Soooo much better than regular socks!

My husband and I also received some kitchen gadgets from Pampered Chef as joint gifts.

While gifts are fine and dandy, Christmas time is really about family for us. I love getting together with our families to eat some delicious food, enjoy yummy drinks, and spend time catching up. Time just seems to fly by these days, so any excuse for all of us to get together is fine by me.

Here’s some pictures from Christmas with our families.

Honestly, getting pictures when a toddler is involved is hard! Especially when they don’t stop moving! If anyone has any tricks on photographing a toddler, I would so appreciate them. Clementine is basically a blur in more than half of the pictures I took. And she’s very uncooperative when it comes to smiling – or even simply looking – at the camera too! Hopefully I’ll be able to get better pictures next year.

Oh! And before I forget – here’s how I did my makeup for Christmas Day! My dress was a jewel-toned blue, so I wanted to contrast that with warm tones on the eyes and lips. I used the Jaclyn Hill Palette. On my lips I have Rich Truffle by Mary Kay and Moon Lust by L’Oréal to top it off.

Take a peek at my holiday makeup looks!

Holiday Makeup Look | 1 Silver Glitter and Red Lips

Holiday Makeup Look | 2 Candy Cane Eye Liner

Holiday Makeup Look | 3 Cool Tones

Final Thoughts

I hope that you had a blessed Christmas as well. I know that holidays can be so stressful and a time of sadness for so many people, so I pray that you weren’t one of them. I hope that you ate far too much food and went to bed last night with a full belly and content heart.

Question of the Day

What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?

And seriously – how do you photograph your constantly-moving toddler?!


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3 thoughts on “What I Got For Christmas + Family Festivities

  1. Looks like a great holiday! It is seriously so hard to photograph toddlers. We have two, and I can count on one hand how many pics I have where they are both looking at the camera and smiling.


  2. I’m glad you had a great Christmas and got some fun items! I do want to invest more in my blog – that may happen in 2018, but we’ll see! It’s so hard to get pictures of a toddler. My youngest niece is one and a half, and we mostly got pictures when she was tired and just resting. LOL



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