How I Got My @$&# Together | Discover Your Passion

If you haven't yet, please take a peek at the other three installments in this series here, here, and here. Have you discovered your passion in life? And I'm talking like, a hobby that you love to be do. I'm not talking about your purpose or how you bring home money each month. I more … Continue reading How I Got My @$&# Together | Discover Your Passion

How I Got My @$&# Together

First off, happy frickin' 2018! What is time if not flying by?! I hope you had a fun and safe celebration with your loved ones last night. I hope your new year started off with lots of laughter, warm friendship, and lots of champagne 🥂 Now, let's get to it. 2016 and most of 2017 … Continue reading How I Got My @$&# Together

Why I’m Thankful for the Bible

I'm in a very different season of my life than I've ever been. I'm officially referring to it as The Spiritual Drought of 2017. I haven't been a Christian for very long, and I would call this season my first real spiritual trial. It started when my daughter was born in January of 2016 - I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and things haven't been the same since.