Christmas Décor: How to be Festive with Minimal Decorations

Fact: I love Christmas.

Fact: I hate spending all day decorating for Christmas.

Christmas decorations are easily my favorite! They’re so pretty and sparkly and really add to the overall atmosphere of the season. But that yuletide excitement is easily dampened at the thought of spending an entire day decorating – at least for me!

The compromise is to have a small amount of quick, easy decorations. Derek and I easily set up all of our décor within a matter of a few hours. It’s not stressful but still brings in the holiday spirit.

Here’s a peek at what we do…


Of course we have a Christmas tree! This is what takes up most of the time. Between putting it together, fluffing the branches, putting the lights on, and hanging ornaments, we’re looking at about two hours of work. However, to save on time, we don’t decorate the back of the tree.


We also have a small Christmas village that I adore! I grew up with my mom always setting up her village, so I love that I have one too. I remember spending such a long time setting them up on top of the kitchen cabinets – sure, they looked great, but it was exhausting! It takes me about 30 minutes to set mine up in a spot that is easily accessible. I also don’t mess around with lights in the buildings. Battery-operated fairy lights are so cheap and easy to come by these days, so that’s what I use, and I just lay it under the snow across the scenery.


Other than the Christmas tree, this light strand on the curtain rod probably took me the longest, believe it or not. Lights tangle so easily and as I tried to ravel them around the rod they kept tangling! And, of course, I insisted on doing it while Clementine was awake, so I was balanced precariously on the top of the sofa, trying not to fall over on her and crush her. By the time I was done I was literally sweating.


All our other odds and ends probably take me about 20-30 minutes, and that includes finding new homes for the non-Christmas decorations and dusting it all down.

Final Thoughts

I love our minimal decorations! It keeps the Christmas spirit in our dwelling but doesn’t look too cluttered or busy. It excites me for the season without overwhelming me. And because it only takes us 3-4 hours, I don’t completely dread putting it up and taking it down.

Question of the Day

What holiday traditions do you do with your family?


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4 thoughts on “Christmas Décor: How to be Festive with Minimal Decorations

  1. I love this! We just bought a new house and have a negative budget for Christmas decorations so we will be minimalist w out decorations this year. I love hearing how others accomplish this!


    1. I know what that’s like! Another great way to add Christmas decor is to wrap your square/rectangular wall hangings with wrapping paper – then they look like little gifts on your wall! I think I’m going to do that with the four canvases by the stockings!


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