Holiday Makeup Look | 3 Cool Tones

Before we get into the makeup look, I just wanna share a couple links to my favorite Christmas flash mobs. I honestly have no idea why I love flash mobs, specifically Christmas ones, so much, but I do. I think they’re so fun and spontaneous and the performers had to muster up so much courage to do it. And it just makes me so emotional to see the audience signing along.

This first one literally brings me to tears every time. It has over 6 million views and I’m pretty sure I’m responsible for a quarter of them because I’ve watched it so much.

And this last one features a bunch of string instruments and a wonderful message at the end.

If you’re looking for a boost of holiday cheer or are just having a bad day and need to perk up, I highly recommend watching flash mobs on YouTube!


Okay, let’s get into this makeup look now!

For this look I wanted to do something that was: 1) more dramatic, 2) neutral in color, and 3) cool toned. To pump up the drama I focused on winging out the shape of my eye shadow, as opposed to my more traditionally rounded shape. This helps to bring more attention to the eyes and doesn’t require much skill. And I wanted to keep it neutral so that a multitude of people would feel much more comfortable actually wearing this and it’s easier to wear a variety of lipstick shades. And cool tones are another great way to bring more drama without any additional skill.


  • For my base, I kept it classic, like I always do. Mary Kay foundation, concealer, translucent powder, pressed powder, etc.
  • Brows are the ELF Lock On Brow and Liner Cream in Espresso.
  • I kept my highlight more on the white, frosty side to compliment the cool tones on my eyes. I used the Mary Kay eyeshadow in Crystalline. Pearl from Becca is also great for this look.
  • For my contour I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour color in Fawn.
  • And for blush I used the Mary Kay cheek color in Sunny Spice for something on the more natural side. I still wanted a flush but didn’t want anything that would compete with the eyes.
  • For my eyes, I started by diffusing the Mary Kay Hazelnut eyeshadow in my crease and contour with a large fluffy brush. Next I applied Driftwood from Mary Kay in my crease and on my outer v, tighter and neater, less diffused. Then I grabbed a smaller blending brush and fluffed Espresso from Mary Kay in my crease and outer v – just enough to add some depth. I took care to drag the eyeshadows out past the corner of my eye for an elongated effect. Then I took some concealer on a small brush and cut the inner lid. I applied Verve from the Naked 2 palette over the concealer. On my lower lash line I applied Hazelnut and Driftwood with a blending brush for a softer look and then applied Espresso with a smudger brush for a more defined application. For my inner corner I used Crystalline from Mary Kay. And if you just read all that and had no idea where any of that was, please see the diagram below for placement!

eyeshadow placement

  • Mascara is a coat of the Mary Kay Lash Love Lengthening followed by a coat of the Mary Kay Lash Intensity.
  • For my lips, I planned on applying the NYX Lip Lingerie in Push-Up. Normally this is my perfect, neutral nude, but the cool tones on my eyes made it look warm, so I topped my lips with Touchable Taupe from Maybelline.

Final Thoughts

I really love how this look turned out! I don’t use cool-tones often, so I always feel extra extra when I use them, which is perfect for a glam Christmas look. And while this eye looks dramatic and complicated, it’s relatively easy. Even if you don’t want to go as dramatic as this, just try using some cool-tones for something different.

If you found this post informative or even if you just like the look, be sure to share it with your friends on your social media platforms.

Question of the Day

Do you like to use cool-tones or warm-tones on your eyes?


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7 thoughts on “Holiday Makeup Look | 3 Cool Tones

  1. It’s a beautiful look! I love cool tones! ❤ Thank you for giving me an outline… I'm a make-up novice… I need help! 🙂


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