Holiday Makeup Look | 2 Candy Cane Eye Liner

After starting to go live on Facebook for my Halloween looks, I got tagged in so many candy cane eye liner videos on Facebook. And it’s finally that time of year!

Before we get started…

I’d like to offer a word of advice. This is definitely one of those looks that you can get wrapped up in and obsess over. You can literally spend an hour going over it again and again to get the lines perfect. And then you’re running late for your party because it took you three times as long as you thought it would.

My advice: don’t sacrifice good enough for perfection.

What that means is don’t cause yourself unnecessary stress because the lines have to be perfect and straight. No. They. Don’t. People will get the point you’re trying to make and love the festivity of it! I promise! I’m speaking from experience!




The trick to this look is the teeny, tiniest brush you can possibly find. For real. I went to Hobby Lobby and got the smallest paint brush I could find. Yupp, it’s not even a legit makeup brush! But it was cheap and it works great!

Firstly, start by doing a wing with the white eye liner. Make it as big as you’re comfortable with. The bigger, the better! I recommend working quickly with this eye liner, as it dries quickly and can be hard to go over. Be sure to give it ample time to dry once you’re finished with it, or else you’ll end up with pink!

Next, take your liquid lipstick and use the applicator to apply a glob on your hand. Yupp, I said lipstick! Red eye liners aren’t too common, so this will be much easier to find.


Dip your teeny, tiny brush into the lipstick. You want to get enough product on your brush that it glides easily, but not too much that it’s overkill. The trick to candy cane stripes is a slight curve. Try to keep the lines thin and avoid straight, up and down lines. If you’re feeling extra fancy pants, you can vary the width of your stripes like the picture above.

Another word to the wise…

The less you mess with this look the better! More trying means more opportunities to mess up means more to be fixed means more product yadda yadda yadda. You get the idea!

Final Thoughts

This look is fun and festive! When I wore it last year, I got so many compliments. If you’re feeling nervous to do this for a holiday event, I recommend practicing. Once you have the technique down it’s relatively quick.

Question of the Day

What other holiday looks would you like to see?


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11 thoughts on “Holiday Makeup Look | 2 Candy Cane Eye Liner

  1. Super fun!! And it’s beautiful! If only I were great at this! I’ll have to practice, but you have made it look and sound so easy! ❤️💗


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