The Cost of my Daily Makeup Routine


Disclaimer: All links go to Mary Kay products are linked to my Facebook group, should you be so interested to purchase. If you already work with a beauty consultant, please reach out to them to make any purchases.

I’ve seen this blog post and YouTube video circulating for a bit and thought it would be fun to do! Basically I’m going to give a quick tutorial on my everyday makeup look and then break down the cost. I think this will be really interesting to see – I’ve never calculated the cost before!

First, I started off by priming my cheeks toward my nose. Then I used a Mary Kay Blending Sponge to pounce on my foundation. I then set my under eyes and forhead with translucent powder. Next, I applied my bronzer, highlight, and blush, respectively. Then I did my brows. I took a cream eyeshadow next and smudged that on with a small, synthetic brush. I also highlighted the inner corner of my eyes. Next, I cleared off the remaining translucent powder on my forehead using a pressed face powder. Lastly, I applied mascara and lip gloss. #badabing #badaboom

I picked these specific products because these are the ones I use the most. In fact, they sit in a tray on top of my vanity for easy access, as opposed to being put away in a drawer.

Products used:

Our grand total is…



Over all, I think I’m pretty pleased with that total! $130 is nothing to turn your nose up at, but I’ve seen ones where it’s $400+. Also, keep in mind that I purchase all Mary Kay products at 50% off of the retail price. So in actuality, what I paid for all of these products is only $86.96, which is phenomenal considering how many products are on that list! I was honestly expecting my total to be much closer to $200.

As always, thank you so, so much for being here and taking time out of your day to read what I have to say! If you found this blog post interesting or entertaining (cause let’s face it – I didn’t teach squat in this post!), please share on your social media!

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Question of the Day:

How much do you think your total would be? Now calculate it! Are you surprised by what the total actually is? Comment your guess and the actual total down below – I’m curious! I wonder who will have the lowest and highest totals…


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