Bullet Journal: How To Plan Out Your Months

Before we dive in – CAN YOU PLEASE SHARE IN MY SHOCK OVER THE FACT THAT IT’S DECEMBER?! DECEMBER! What the what?! I have a Christmas tree up in my house right now!


Bullet journaling has been a life saver for me. Quite literally. I was at my breaking point – my depression was out of control, my brain and house were a chaotic, disorganized mess, I was always forgetting things, I wasn’t accomplishing anything. So my prayers were literally answered when I stumbled upon bullet journaling.

Now, if you’re scratching your head wondering what the heck bullet journaling is, then visit bulletjournal.com for a quick overview on the system and the concept behind it. Then visit this blog post that gives more detail and examples.

In a bullet journal, everything is planned and executed by you. It’s personal and, therefore, exactly what you need it to be. But sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to remember exactly what needs to be done in order to set up the next month.

featured image

So I introduce to you the Review/Plan/Post It method!

  1. Review the previous month.
    1. What things worked?
    2. What didn’t?
    3. What would you add?
  2. Plan the next month.
    1. What will you keep?
    2. What will you add?
    3. How many pages will you need for each spread?
    4. What didn’t work for you that you won’t be including in the next month?
  3. Use post-its to allot pages to certain spreads.

Plan and review page

post it

post it 2

Using post-its means that it’s super easy to move a page if I need to! I was originally writing it in pencil on the page, but then I’d have to erase it. This allows for easy adjustments! I love that this method allows for mistakes that would otherwise be a pain in the butt to cover up.

This method is especially handy for someone who likes all of her monthly spreads to be together. I can allot out the pages for the month and then know exactly where it ends so that I can resume journaling right after.

Now, let’s look at some pictures of my monthly spreads for December…

I slightly went washi tape crazy 😜

As always, thank you for being here! I so appreciate the fact that you take time out of your day to read my words! If you found this post interesting or informative, please take a moment to share.

Question of the Day:

What planner do you use to organize your life?

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12 thoughts on “Bullet Journal: How To Plan Out Your Months

    1. Just keep it simple! As you can see, I keep my stuff pretty minimal and heavily rely on washi tape (and sometimes stickers) to make it pretty ✨ I’m not at all an artist and don’t have much time to invest anyways.


    1. I should start doing goals for my blog, as I have them for my Mary Kay business. The overview really makes me evaluate if what I’m doing with my spreads is working for me.


  1. I’ve heard so much about the bullet journal, but I haven’t quite jumped on board yet. Currently I use the planner from Inkwell press and love it.


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