How I Got My @$&# Together | Diet and Exercise

I'm gonna be straight with you - I never thought I would be someone that would hail diet and exercise as a life changer, and I say that because of my past experiences with it. My Past Experience with Diet and Exercise I've always struggled with my weight and have attempted to lose weight several … Continue reading How I Got My @$&# Together | Diet and Exercise

How I Got My @$&# Together

First off, happy frickin' 2018! What is time if not flying by?! I hope you had a fun and safe celebration with your loved ones last night. I hope your new year started off with lots of laughter, warm friendship, and lots of champagne šŸ„‚ Now, let's get to it. 2016 and most of 2017 … Continue reading How I Got My @$&# Together

Discovering Abundance

I'm sure that most of you reading this first post are my friends and family. The chances are good that we're Facebook friends and/or we attend church together. Truth be told, I feel surprisingly - almost painfully, even - awkward starting a blog because I can't imagine that I have anything to say that is worth sharing...