5 Tips to Get You Started with the Ketogenic Diet

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, medical professional, or nutritionist of any kind. I’m simply a woman who has had success with the keto diet. It is recommended that you discuss any significant diet changes with your doctor.

2017 is coming to a close, which means New Years resolutions are around the corner! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the most common resolution is to lose weight. And with the ketogenic diet on the rise, I thought I would throw out some of my tips on how to get started.

Before we get into the tips, if you’re scratching your head wondering what the keto diet is, I suggest you move out from under that rock! Keto is everywhere, and for good reason! Here’s a link to a reputable keto source: click me! The very top of the site is a plug for his membership, but just keep scrolling down to the good stuff.

All right, let’s get into these tips…

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#1 You don’t need to track forever.

I’d say the main reason people get discouraged from even starting is the fact that you have to track your macros. It seems complicated and time consuming, and it can be, but apps help greatly!

Also, if you’re familiar with foods and portions and such, you may not even need to track at all. I’ve literally never tracked a single macro this entire time and am down 30+ lbs.

So if you’ve never paid attention to the nutrition of the food you’re putting in your body, then I recommend tracking in the beginning. Once you have a handle on it and you get into the groove, you can drop tracking.

#2 Not everything has to be organic/grass-fed.

You may come across some information out there on the interwebz that insists you must consume organic produce and meats and grass-fed butter. That is simply not the case. I’m not denying the benefits of organic and grass-fed – I’m simply saying that money doesn’t magically appear in our account.

So if you’re tight on a budget and worried about not being able to afford organic, don’t let that stop you. Afford what you can when you can and let go of the rest.

#3 Do your research about fat vs. sugar.

If you haven’t noticed, the ketogenic diet is a little backwards to everything we’ve ever been taught by the mainstream media. Do you research to equip yourself against the naysayers, because there will be some. And if you aren’t one to engage with the naysayers (like myself), do the research so you can remain resolute in your decision.

#4 Find a community.

A great resource for me has been Facebook groups about keto. They’re a great place to ask questions, learn more, and connect with other keto’ers. They’ll share in triumphs and struggles with you, have great ways to overcome stalls and obstacles, and are happy to share recipes. These groups have been an invaluable resource for me!

#5 Just start already!

There’s so much information out there about keto that you could literally research for months and never start. Don’t let that be you! All you really need to know is that it’s a high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet.

Final thoughts

Many people have had amazing success with the ketogenic diet, myself included. If you’re at all interested in starting, just do it. After all, you’ll see exactly zero results from thinking about it.

As always, thank you for being here! If you found this post informative, please share!

Question of the Day

Everyone is different, so what way of eating do you feel benefits your health the best?



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