2017 Halloween Looks

This Halloween season, I really delved into creating Halloween looks. This was a first for me, as I usually stick to traditional makeup looks; however, I really found myself enjoying it! Really allowing my creative juices to flow felt great and I loved the amount of focus and concentration each look took. As a mom, I do too many things mindlessly or while on auto-pilot – so it felt good to use some brain power.


Just as a disclaimer, I am not at all trying to make it out like these are original looks. I drew inspiration from several different pictures myself!

Here are the looks! Each are accompanied by a link to a video stream where I did the look live on Facebook.

This picture is from my first live video. However, the video has since been deleted due to copyright issues with the music.

This pop art look was relatively quick and easy and I used only makeup products! Check out the video here.

I loved the symbolism behind this look! If I could do it over, I would purchase actually buttons to adhere to my face. Check out the video here.

Easily my favorite one of the season! Lots of fun and I love how the editing of the picture enhanced the overall look. Check out the video here.

Another fun and easy look using all makeup products! I highly recommend getting some cat eye contact lenses to really make the look! Check out the video here.

This one is my second favorite! A very cool effect with minimal effort and completely done with makeup products. I also love how my regular makeup underneath turned out. Check out the video here.

That’s all folks! I had such a blast completing this looks and I love that I have videos to look back on as well! Next year I hope to be even better and venture into more gore and special effects makeup.

Question of the Day:

What look was your favorite? Comment down below to let me know!


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