Review: Mary Kay Liquid Eye Liner Pen

Let me just start off by explaining how weird I am. I mean, at least in this one instance – ain’t nobody got the time for me to actually tackle that entire can of worms. Okay, so, I sell Mary Kay, right? Which means I obviously believe and stand by the products, right? So I can’t even begin to explain why I sometimes have doubts over our makeup products! We release a new product and I’m like, “ehh, it can’t be THAT good” and then I don’t order it for myself until months later. This rings true for makeup because I’m a makeup junkie – I was into makeup long before Mary Kay came along and I have products of all brands coming out my ears. Even though I have several makeup products that I use exclusively from Mary Kay, I still do this to myself for some reason. And then when I finally do order it, I’m kicking myself for not ordering it sooner. I suppose I’ll learn one day.


Anyways, if you haven’t guessed it, that’s the case with this eye liner! We released this eye liner months ago and I just glossed over it. After realizing how handy it would be during a few of my live Facebook streams, I finally ordered it. I think one thing that contributed to me skipping this product initially is that I’m not (or wasn’t) an eye liner pen person. There’s lots of different ways to apply eye liner and every woman has her preference.

Before we get to the review of the actual product, let’s cover some logistics. This eye liner pen costs $16 and has a felt tip applicator. It comes in one color, black, and has a vinyl finish. A design flaw I’ve noticed is that the cap doesn’t fit on the back of the pen – I find this highly annoying, as caps easily roll away. I also recommend storing this product cap-side down – this keeps the product toward the applicator, which means you don’t have to constantly shake the pen during application.

Now that we’ve got the boring stuff out of the way, let’s move onto the actual product!

The eye liner is nicely pigmented, very inky black, and dries rather quickly. It’s also pretty dang smudge proof! I can swatch it on my hand and rub my finger across it once it’s dry and it doesn’t budge! I also really like the shape of the applicator. The tip is very tiny, which allows for a very precise application; but if you turn it on its side, you can easily get a thicker application too.

When it comes to winged eye liner, I find this pen pretty easy to use. Now, you’re probably thinking, “well, of course you find it easy to use – you’re good at makeup!”. And while that is true (#tootingmyownhorn), I rarely do winged eye liner anymore, mainly because I couldn’t find a product that I liked enough. I’m definitely out of practice, which I’ve publically admitted several times prior to ordering this eye liner.

I find that this eye liner lasts all day on me too, especially if I have eye shadow on. I have oily lids, so creasing happens easily, but not at all if I’m wearing eye shadow, as the powder helps to absorb the oil (#longestrunonever). Below is a before and after picture of me, showcasing the wear on my makeup throughout the day. As you can see, the eye liner held up very well!


I’m excited to continue wearing and using this product!

What’s your favorite type of eyeliner? Pencil? Gel? Pen? Comment below and let’s chat about makeup!



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