CBD Oil: How I Manage My Depression

I have a lot of content I want to cover in this post, including a little bit about my struggle with depression, what exactly CBD oil is, how I obtained it, and my experience using CBD oil. Get a snack and a drink, because this is gonna be a long one, folks.

My Struggles with Depression

My journey with depression has been a winding one. I remember it always being there – it just was. It had no rhyme or reason and it came and went.

I had a particularly severe season shortly after high school when my boyfriend and I parted ways. Time passed and things returned back to normal. The usual ebb and flow continued.

I visited my primary care physician several times for it, and was met with dismissive replies and unhelpful suggestions, such as diet and exercise (it was unhelpful because the severity of the situation was passed diet and exercise).

My most recent and most intense struggle with depression was after having Clementine. I was, as I expected to be, diagnosed with postpartum depression. I muddled through without any sort of professional help due to lack of funds. Things returned to a more normal state once my cycles resumed a month before Clementine’s first birthday.

But my cycles were different now. The ebb and flow of my depression happened monthly according to my cycles. I was stuck on an emotional roller coaster. I was miserable and I made my family miserable too.

I finally admitted I needed something to help me manage. The traditional medical route seemed expensive though – between doctors appointments, different medications, and different dosages of those medications, none of which was covered by insurance, it just didn’t seem feasible for our family. Not to mention how much trial and error can take place to find a medication that works for me.

What is CBD Oil?

Somehow, I stumbled across CBD oil. I don’t exactly recall how – if I came across it under a Google search or if I read about it in a Facebook group. Either way, I was intrigued and began doing a ton of research.

I found this article to be particularly helpful at explaining what CBD actually is as well as listing some of the benefits. When I explain it to people, I simply say it has the benefits of marijuana but doesn’t get me high. CBD oil is completely legal in all states and does not require any sort of medical card.

I quickly learned that there are many ways to take CBD oil: orally, sublingual, topically, vaping. Further research led me to the conclusion that vaping retained the highest amount of CBD, since it passed through my lungs, thus making the effects noticeable within a minute or so.

But I felt overwhelmed by the different brands of CBD oil available as well as a means of vaping it. This was completely new territory to me and the Net was inundated with options. I needed someone to guide and advise me as I picked out a vaporizer and oil. I finally bit the bullet, dropped Clementine off with my BFF, and headed to a local vape shop.

How I Obtained CBD Oil

I went to GK Vape Pub. The man behind the counter was friendly and very knowledgeable. After our transaction took place, I later found out he was the owner. I made it very clear to him that I basically had no idea about vaping, and he made sure to be very thorough in his explanations and asked me lots of questions so he could make his best recommendation.

I told him my main priority for a vaporizer was easy and inexpensive maintenance. I didn’t need anything fancy or complicated. His recommendation was the Smok V8 Stick kit. It came with everything I needed to get started, including extra replacement parts and a charging cord. It was easy to use, small, and relatively inexpensive at $50. Oh, and it came in purple! #sold

The CBD oil they carry is from Bradley’s Brand. It’s a local brand based in Gilbert and, according to the shop owner, one of the best they carry. At the vape shop, it comes in several flavors and two different dosages, but a wider selection is available on the brand’s website.

I went with a lower dosage for my first time, and it ran me $30. If I remember correctly, the next dosage up is $40. The flavor I got is Hanky Panky, which is supposed to be a berries and cream.

So my total for the kit and the oil came out to under $100, which I was thrilled with because I told my husband to expect about $150.

My Experience with CBD Oil

I have been vaping CBD oil for about six weeks now. I’ve made it through my first bottle, and I’ve noticed lots of positive changes.

Improved Sleep

First thing I noticed is that I am sleeping better. Before, I was having a very hard time falling asleep at a reasonable time and therefore waking at a reasonable time. I hated waking up to Clementine and having to hit the ground running; but, as much as I hated it, I couldn’t bring myself to get up earlier. I was too groggy.

Now, I was still getting up at 7-7:30am with Clementine and still having a hard time falling asleep before midnight. It was miserable and frustrating. I need more than six hours of sleep a night (five hours if I wanted to get up before Clementine).

I’m now going to sleep whenever Derek does, usually about 10pm, am falling asleep quickly, and am sleeping more soundly. I now wake up actually refreshed at 6am and am able to get ready for the day before Clementine wakes.

Ease in Social Situations

If you know me, you may be surprised by this, but I’m actually an introvert with mild social anxiety. I’m very comfortable with people I know well, but it’s very hard for me to get to know people well.

My anxiety kept me from being more open and forward and developing relationships. For example, I’m just now, with the help of CBD oil, feeling more at ease and social at my weekly Mary Kay meetings, which I’ve been attending for the better part of two and a half years.

The CBD oil helps me to feel more at ease and relaxed. It helps to mute my anxiety.

Improved Mood

Even though I saw improvements basically right away with CBD oil, I wanted to wait to write this blog post until I went through a full cycle while using it. I’m very excited to report that I had my first cycle without nearly debilitating depression.

I used to be a weeping, fatigued rage monster during my period. Everything made me cry, I was exhausted, and frequently had out bursts of anger over nothing. I experienced no such thing this last month. I maintained my usual energy levels and control over my emotions. I was much more level-headed, although Derek may have a different opinion 😉

Clearer Skin

CBD oil is antibacterial and, for those of you that don’t know, a pimple is a bacterial infection of a pore. It happens when your skin produces too much sebaceous oil, which clogs your pores with dead skin cells and environmental stressors, such as dirt and pollutants. CBD oil also helps fight acne because it reduces sebum production. Less oil means less clogged pores means less acne. Acne can also be considered an inflammatory disease, and CBD is anti-inflammatory as well.

I’ve struggled with acne for nearly 15 years, and I take excellent care of my skin. I’m a skin care freak and still suffered from break outs quite regularly. Currently I’m down to getting a single pimple 2-3x a month. It’s freaking glorious! My skin is clearer than ever and my makeup is lasting longer because my sebaceous oils aren’t breaking it down.


I’m thrilled with the results I’ve had thus far! This natural, inexpensive solution has improved my life greatly in just six short weeks.

I want to add that I believe the effects of the CBD oil have been compounded due to the ketogenic diet. At least for me. Lots of keto’ers report better sleep, elevated energy levels, and clearer skin as well.

Lastly, if you have any other questions regarding CBD oil, please don’t be afraid to reach out. I’m not an expert, but I’m willing to offer encouragement, research, and to help you advocate for yourself.

Have you heard of CBD oil before? Are you interested in it?


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