Travel Makeup Bag

Traveling with makeup can be such a headache! And travel makeup bags can be so expensive! And for how expensive they are, they seem to be rather small. You get maybe two pouches, which 1) doesn’t hold much and 2) means that a lot of your stuff is thrown in together. Maybe it’s just a weird compulsion of mine, but I hate when all my stuff is mixed. If I’m looking for a hair tie, I don’t wanna be rifling through my 25 pounds of makeup!

Fortunately, I have found the perfect makeup bag!

This roll up bag is by Mary Kay, retails for $35, and is currently stuffed with everything I’ll need for a two night stay!

When you unroll her, you have a hook to hang it by, which I love! It is a large bag, so if she were sprawled over a bathroom counter, she would take up a ton of space. The hook also swivels, in case you need it to spin for some reason.

As you can see, she has four compartments. They are clear so that you can see everything in them. The zipper is also toward the top of the pouch, so you don’t have to worry about anything falling out when you unzip it. Aaaaand, they each have two strips of velcro in the back which adhere them to the case – that’s right, they’re removable! So you can snatch whichever compartment you need and you don’t have to take the whole bag with you.

My first pouch has all my skincare in it. Cleanser, moisturizer, etc. The second one is all my makeup for the weekend. I went light with my makeup this trip, as it’s only a retreat with my church. The third compartment holds miscellaneous items, such as: contact case and solution, toothbrush, toothpaste, my glasses, etc. And the last pouch is all my hair stuffs.

Now, I debated stuffing my brushes in a compartment, as they would easily fit. However, I stumbled upon some Real Techniques cases I had. These cases come with the brush sets (or at least they used to – I’m unsure if they still do).

I love this because it folds closed to protect my brushes and doubles as a stand, so I don’t have to lay my brushes down on a bathroom counter. Genius!

These are on the small side though, and wouldn’t work for anyone wanting to do a full face of makeup. As you can see, it only fits two face brushes.

Over all, I’m very pleased with the organized set I have!

What do you use to travel?

Would you be interested in a customized travel roll up bag?


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