My New Vanity!

If you follow me on Instagram (@kalynfoggy), then you know that one of my dreams recently came true!

Since getting married, I’ve been doing my makeup at a bathroom counter. In our apartment, I stood at the sink and had to pack away my growing collection everyday because there wasn’t enough counter space to leave it out.

When we purchased a house in 2015, our master bathroom had a small vanity space next to the sink. It meant I was able to sit while doing my makeup, but my collection had grown too big to put away and take out regularly. I purchased some acrylic organizers and they all but practically dominated the space I had to work with. It was cramped!

It’s been a long four and a half years, to say the least!

But here we are now! I found this baby on Amazon for a very reasonable price, especially considering the size and the fact that it came with a stool. She measures in at 43 inches across. Size was very important to me, seeing as how I own more makeup than the average woman.

She was packaged beautifully, very secure. Assembly was quick too – I think it took Derek and I about 20 minutes or so. She’s also very sturdy and heavy. The drawers have plenty of room that I think would fit the average woman’s makeup collection (read: it’ll fit all your makeup if you aren’t a hoarder like I am). The trifold mirror is great quality, very nice and clear. However, the hinges seem loose on mine so the mirrors swing very freely. Personally, I’m not a fan of the pulls on the drawers either, but that’s an easy fix once pulls go on sale at Hobby Lobby. šŸ˜‰

I love the size of the table top too. Even with all my acrylic organizers, I still feel like I have plenty of room.

The lighted mirror I use is from Costco and provides amazing visibility! I love that it has a 10x magnification on the other side too. Great for more detailed work.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention – she is on Amazon Prime! #hallelujah šŸ™Œ

What does your set up look like?


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