Neutral Fall Makeup Look

Y’all, Fall is around the corner and I am freaking out!

We’ve been under 100° all week long and are supposed to drop below 90° by Friday! *insert happy dance*

Fall makeup trends are some of my favorite! Smokey eye shadow, grungy eyes, vampy lips – SO GORGEOUS.

A huge Fall trend is warm eye shadows, but I know not everyone feels comfortable with oranges and reds, so I cane up with this.

This look is mainly neutral with a little bit of orange smudged on the lower lash line. The neutral colors make it more wearable for everyday and will easily match most outfits.

I paired it with a mid-tone, warmish brown NYX lip lingerie in Push Up, but almost any undertone would work.

To create this look I used a customized Pumpkin Spice palette from Mary Kay.

The first thing I did was blend hazelnut into my crease. Once the color was initially placed, I really took the time to make sure it was well blended and diffused.

Then I took espresso and buffed that onto my outer V. As I blended, I dipped back into the shade several times to build up the color to my desired intensity. I blended this about a third of the way in.

Next I took rose gold and patted that onto my lid. I covered about two thirds of my lid with it and made sure it blended into the espresso color.

I smudged some brown eye liner on the outer half of my eye and then topped it with rich truffle.

On my lower lash line I smudged out amber blaze. Like I said earlier, warm tones are very trendy, so I wanted to make sure to incorporate one somehow.

Lastly, I patted gold coast in my inner corner.

To finish I curled my lashes and applied the Mary Kay Lash Love mascara in the waterproof formula. I find this particular mascara helps my lashes hold their curl all day.

Needless to say, I absolutely love how this look came out! #fallvibes

What’s your go-to palette/look for fall?


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