Life Update: Summer 2017

Okay, we already established yesterday that it’s been awhile. So much has changed and I wanted to take some time to address those things on a platform that allows for lots of explanation.

Summer Break

Summer is a unique time for our family. With Derek being a teacher, he’s home. It’s a big adjustment for him. We both spent a lot of time delving into our personal hobbies: me with makeup and him with drumming. We spent a lot of time swimming, listening to music, and lots of Pinterest activities.

At the end of summer break, Derek also started his masters program. The program is 18 months long and he will be set up with his licensure to be a principal when he graduates.

I’m so proud of Derek taking this huge step. In high school, if you would have asked me if I thought Derek Foggy would go on to get his masters I probably would have given a good chuckle. He’s come a very long way and his desire to advance in his career and provide for our family is much appreciated ♥


Derek and I also made big changes in our lifestyle! We joined a gym and started following the ketogenic diet. We both love going to the gym 5-6 days a week.

Being physically active helps me manage my depression and serves as a great physical outlet for Derek.

We’ve been consistently working out for about two months now and have been keto for four weeks. In those four weeks we’ve nearly lost 30 pounds combined!

This keto diet has been the first time I’ve been able to lose weight when I’m intentionally trying to. Traditional dieting (calorie counting) has never worked for me.

I post a lot about keto and different recipes that we try on my Instagram, but if anyone wants more info I’d love to do a more detailed post strictly focusing on keto.


I’m struggling to find the right words to describe what I went through this summer in regards to my faith.

In the beginning of summer, I had a conversation with my friend about lamentations – not the book, but the actual act of lamenting. I feel like that conversation opened a floodgate and I find myself questioning why God allows certain things all the time.

It causes a lot of inner turmoil. On one hand I have a lot of doubt and questions, but on the other hand I know in my heart of hearts that God is in control. One day it will all be clear to me, but for now I’m searching and praying a lot.

This struggle has stirred up a lot of emotions in me, and I’ve been struggling to manage my depression and anxiety. And that just sort of feeds the big question of “why?” in my heart.


Derek and I feel like Clementine sprouted right before our eyes. We constantly get comments on how tall she is and I can’t go anywhere without someone commenting on how cute she is too. It makes my mama heart happy!

In July we had her evaluated for a speech delay by the state. She was found to have a mild delay but it’s not severe enough for her to qualify for the program. Since then her speech has developed!

Again, I post a lot about her on my Instagram – almost daily. And I post things that probably bore everyone else but I’m fascinated with them because I’m her mother 😂

Holiday Season

At this point in the year, the holidays (and cooler weather) are just around the corner! Derek and I are very excited to celebrate the holidays this year. Clementine will be much more aware and able to participate more.

How was your summer?

What things did you and your family do?


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