Summer Makeup Hacks

With summer right around the corner – you guys, it’s supposed to be 104 on Friday 😠 – it was time for me to update my makeup for summer. Because when it does get to 112 degrees outside, I’m not going to want to be wearing much makeup or spend much time doing it. 

Here’s what I’ll look like, for the most part, when I do my makeup this summer. Some things will vary, sure, but this is it. 

The biggest changes are my foundation and the fact that I don’t wear eye shadow. 

Hack #1: CC Cream/Foundation Combo

Can I confess something? I hate wearing a traditional foundation during summer. With how hot it gets here, foundation just doesn’t feel good on my oily skin for long periods of time through out the day. Ya know when your foundation just feels heavy? My foundation starts to feel like that so quickly during the summer months. 

So what I do is use the Mary Kay CC cream. CC stands for “complexion correction”, so I find that it does enough for my complexion without feeling too cakey. Think of it like a tinted moisturizer on crack! 

CC creams provide more of a sheer-medium coverage, so on days I want more coverage, I add a drop of my usual foundation to amp it up. 

Because I have oily skin, I always, always, always set with powder and setting spray. This helps to keep my makeup from melting off through out the day. Ya know, as much as it can when it’s a bazillion degrees outside 🙃

This is the combination I am wearing on the picture above. Still looks flawless but feels so lightweight! 

Hack #2: Cream eye shadow 

Nothing is more frustrating than spending 30 minutes blending your eye shadow for it to be a creasy mess in a few hours. So if it’s not a special occasion, I either don’t wear eye shadow or only use cream eye shadows! 

Cream eye shadows are some of my favorite products ever! They’re great for busy women who don’t wanna fuss with brushes and/or for women who struggle with their eye shadow creasing. 

One of my favorite cream eye shadows is from Mary Kay in the color Beach Blonde. It’s the perfect vanilla shade with a beautiful shimmer. It’s divine! I love it so much that I use it as a primer on my lid even when I do use powder eye shadows. 

I also love to tap it on the inner corner of my eyes and top it with a white, shimmery shadow. It gives a beautiful effect (see picture above)! 

Using the MK cream shadow in Beach Blonde on my lid

Maybelline also has a great line of cream shadows called Color Tattoos. They come in a wide range of colors and finishes. I love the one called Tough as Taupe! It’s a great, cool-toned neutral that stays in place all day. 

Do you have any summer hacks? I would love to hear them, even non makeup related ones! 


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