OdySea Aquarium 2017

When your husband gets a free ticket to the new aquarium, you take advantage of it, even if your kid is a little young for it and it’s over 30 minutes away.

Clementine and I packed up early on Wednesday morning and did just that! The drive, while long, wasn’t too bad as it’s basically all free way for us.

Upon arriving, I realized this attraction was much more than just the aquarium. I knew the butterfly exhibit was there too, but there are also about eight different eateries around the area. It’s almost like a Desert Ridge kind of setup. There were several restaurants, an ice cream shop, a juice bar, and a snack bar that sold popcorn, candies, chips, etc. There were also at least two gift shops: an Arizona Territory and then one for strictly aquarium merchandise. I also spotted an arcade.

We arrived about 5 mins after the aquarium opened and went right in. I definitely recommend grabbing a brochure of the grounds, as that contains a map. I didn’t for some reason and I’m pretty sure we missed a couple things.

The standout to me was the aquarium carousel. It’s a large room with theater style seating. The seating area rotates through four different sections: one with a live diver in the water, a sea lion exhibit, a shark exhibit, and a sea turtle exhibit. There’s informational narration and the view is stunning! The entire ride was maybe about 15 minutes and the exhibits rotated quick enough that it kept Clementine interested.

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The penguin and otter exhibits are also fun. There’s also a touch tank, which we did not partake in.


Once we left the aquarium, the outside seating was great for Clementine to enjoy a snack. The aquarium is also stroller friendly, with elevators available, as the aquarium does span over three floors. Interestingly, there was a sign posted that said jogging and double strollers weren’t allowed, but I was able to enter with a jogging stroller and the family ahead of us had a double stroller.

We were there for about two hours from parking to leaving. As we were leaving, I noticed there were lines forming for admission, so I recommend going early.

Overall, we had a very fun time!


If you’ve been to the aquarium, what was your favorite part?



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