One of the Most Delicious and Ingenious Snacks EVER

Just for a little chuckle to get this post started – when I was typing in the title, my phone autocorrected “most” to “Moses” for some reason. No clue why, but I’ll bet he would have loved this snack though! 

I came across this idea on Pinterest and I immediately fell in love with it! They’re called trail mix bites, and it’s essentially melted chocolate with trail mix goodies on top. #yesplease 

I love this because it mixes delicious and decadent chocolate with healthy add-ins – the best of both worlds! Another reason I love it is because it’s so customizable! You can put whatever toppings you like. The original post used a pre-made trail mix, but I just hit up the bulk section in Winco and bought the toppings we wanted in the quantities we needed them. 

We also went with more of a bark style than bites. We found making individual bites to be too time consuming – I made two and gave up. Instead I just poured the chocolate onto the sheet pan and sprinkled everything on top, waited for it to cool, and then broke it apart. 

When we do this again (I have a feeling this is going to become a staple snack in our household), I’ll be sure to use more toppings than I think I need to, as the chocolate continued to slowly spread on the sheet pan while I added the toppings.

Quick, easy, delicious, and ever-changing! Next time we’re going to go with dried fruit toppings!

Is this a snack you think you would enjoy? 

What toppings would you put on it? 


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