10 Minute Makeup Look

I don’t know if you know this, but moms are busy, busy, busy women. They’ve got a lot on their plates! Raising small humans takes a lot of time and energy, which is why I think it’s a great idea for moms to have a 10 minute makeup routine that leaves them feeling confident and put together. I don’t know about other moms, but between not showering, having drool and snot wiped on me multiple times a day, and wearing the same clothes a few too many days in a row, sitting down to do some makeup can do wonders for my attitude!  I could easily and gladly spend over an hour doing my makeup, but that isn’t always feasible, so I have developed a routine and discovered go-to products that help me achieve a put-together look while not investing too much time. 

First off, this is the look I’m talking about! It’s natural, fresh, and great for everyday. I just look like a well-rested version of myself 😉

These are the products I used! Each product serves a specific purpose. The Mary Kay CC cream evens out my skin tone while still allowing my skin to show through. The coverage is sheer, but could be built up to medium. The concealer in shade 15 is to brighten my under eyes while concealing darkness and shade 10 is to conceal any blemishes. I set my face using the Mary Kay translucent powder – if you have dry skin you can skip this step. Then I filled in my brows. This alone takes me 4-5 minutes, so if you don’t have to do your brows then you’ll be saving major time! Because I’m excessive, I also applied a little highlighter from the Tarteist Pro Glow palette to my cheek bones and the inner corner of my eyes.  I applied two coats of the Mary Kay Lash Love mascara to my upper lashes and then ginished off the look with some gloss. 

That’s it! This look literally takes me 10 minutes. At the end I feel put together, confident, and like I used my time wisely. 

What products do you love? 

What do you do in your quick, 10 minute routine? 


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