Spring Break 2017

I’ll be making posts like these from time to time just to share a snippet of my every day life or to commemorate a particularly fun day. Posts like these will be fun to look back on and reminisce one day. 

Derek and I had been looking forward to spring break for a very long time. Derek works such long hours normally and Clementine and I miss him so much when he’s gone. If I’m being completely honest, which I like to be, I was a bit nervous too. You see, Clementine and I have our own rhythm and routines Monday thru Friday, and it works extremely well. Naps are taken and meals are eaten at the same time every day; I tidy up and do the dishes at the same time every day; and I work during her naps, either on Mary Kay, doing a makeup look for my Instagram, housework, or on a blog post. 

But I am happy to report that our spring break was peaceful and enjoyable and I didn’t have to throw Derek out of a window! 😉

It started off on a sour note though with Clementine and I both catching the stomach bug. She recovered fairly quickly; I, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. I am extremely thankful though that this illness hit our house at a time when Derek was off. He was able to entertain Clementine, make meals, and tidy up while I wallowed in miserable  self-pity. 

By Wednesday I felt well enough for Derek to be outside doing yard work. Until I owned a house, I never realized the expression “grows like a weed” is 1000% true. With the rain we got, our weeds were three feet tall in less than two months. Clementine and I also headed to Kym’s to see Micah for his birthday. 

Thursday  was a particularly and uncharacteristically cool day for the Valley. The high was in the high 60’s and the breeze was crisp and refreshing. Derek and I wanted to take advantage of what would likely be our last chance to enjoy the park until Fall. 

We packed up after breakfast and drove to Saguaro Ranch park. This is such a fantastic park – it’s gigantic, has great play structures, a neat historic area to mosey around, and lots of grass for Clementine to roam in! And it’s about a three minute drive from our house #winning 

We spent a lot of time there, well  over an hour. Clementine becomes suddenly independent and tromps ahead of us fearlessly, exploring all there is. It is fascinating to watch! We walked from the actual park area to the historic sites, watched the peacocks, and spent some time in the garden. With all the rain we’ve had the roses were in full bloom and looking glorious. 

I found myself so inspired by the beauty of the flowers that I did a makeup look for them. 

The rest of the week flew by fairly quickly. On Friday Derek went riding with Rovell, so it was just Clementine and I; Saturday we just hung around the house; Sunday we went to church and then over to Rovell and Teresa’s for a delicious dinner with Pablo and Maggie. 

During the week, we also began transitioning Clementine from two naps to one. I was very nervous of this transition, as I’ve heard horror stories, but it has been going much smoother than I thought. 

Derek and I also watched movies in the evenings, which made for great quality time. My favorite of the week was Arrival – if you haven’t seen it and enjoy syfy movies then I highly recommend it! 

Now that I’ve written all of this out, I feel like it sounds like a very boring week to an outsider. After all, we barely left the house. But sometimes just quality family time is what you need to refresh and recharge. 


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