Bullet Journaling

For starters, if you’re completely new to the concept of bullet journaling and don’t have the slightest clue as to what it is, I recommend starting here.

Like the video said, it’s an analog way to plan, track, and basically anything else you can think of in a digital age.

And that video is only the beginning – the tip of the iceberg, so to speak! Some wickedly talented artists and creative minds have transformed their bullet journals into works of art. Some of the things these people dream up is truly stunning! That being said, if being artsy fartsy isn’t your thing (it’s certainly not mine!) there are simple and minimalistic ways to bullet journal. That’s the beauty of bullet journaling – it’s completely customized by you so it is exactly what you need it to be. I also love that there are no wasted pages should life get busy and I’m unable to journal. Furthermore, it’s a very cost-effective way to get organized; whereas other planners can cost upwards of $40, all you really need to bullet journal is a notebook and pen. Lastly, bullet journals are great because if you try something out and don’t like it then you can change it up.

Besides obviously planning, some of the things I track in my bullet journal are my water intake, step count, and what I eat. I also use my bullet journal to meal plan, write down the titles of books I want to read, and track my Mary Kay goals. I keep a daily log of things I’m grateful for as well. I also track my moods and my daily duties, such as devotionals, tidying the house, and waking up and going to bed at reasonable times.

Bullet journals are great for people who thrive on routines and organization, and I think a lot of moms with toddlers can agree that routines are a must! They bring consistency and predictability to your day. And I personally find that if I don’t plan my days, I’ll just spend Clementine’s naps sitting around on my phone and not being productive. Bullet journals are also great for people who feel like their brains are too full to contain everything they need to. If you’re finding yourself forgetting commitments and appointments, then a bullet journal may be a good idea for you.

Because bullet journaling has escalated far beyond the video I included, I wanted to include some pictures from Pinterest – which is overflowing with bullet journal pins – to show you exactly how wonderful these little planners are. Keep in mind this is just a sampling of what can be done in a bullet journal.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thus far the effects of bullet journaling in my life have been very beneficial. I feel healthy because I’m drinking more water, reaching my step goal, doing cardio, and am more conscious of what I’m eating. We’re enjoying new and delicious meals together. I’m getting more housework done. I’m also studying in my Bible more than ever before too. Overall, it’s been a blessing and I would highly recommend this system to everyone!

Do you currently bullet journal?

Does bullet journaling sound like something you’d be interested in?

How do you think bullet journaling would improve your life?


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