Discovering Abundance

I’m sure that most of you reading this first post are my friends and family. The chances are good that we’re Facebook friends, since that’s how I’ll be sharing this. Truth be told, I feel surprisingly – almost painfully, even – awkward starting a blog because I can’t imagine that I have anything to say that is worth sharing. Often times though, blogs start out as being for the benefit of the author, and that is precisely the case here. This blog exists for me to better process and memorialize my journey to a more abundant life.

You see, I feel stagnant. I’ve become comfortable and complacent in multiple areas of my life, and I feel God calling me to be better. I’m making several changes to my life so that I can grow, stretch, and become who I’m supposed to be.

You can expect posts about my interests and passions on this blog. So mainly God, motherhood, marriage, makeup, and bullet journaling. You can also expect authenticity and transparency. I’ve never been one to pretend to be something I’m not and I believe in the power of sharing raw details for the purpose of strengthening and encouraging others as well as solidarity. To be frank, there may be stories and details that I share about myself that may make you cringe, and that’s okay – sometimes I make myself cringe, if I’m being completely honest. You’ll probably learn something new about me and then wish you hadn’t, which is fine too. All that I ask for is that you read with an open mind and a gracious heart.


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